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hello there,
i have 2 feature requests to bring on the table:
1/ Hopefully I didn’t miss it but there’s a feature that I would love to see in Rift : be able to modulate modulation amounts applied to the various parameters (modulation of modulation). Especially with Macros. It would allow to blend very smoothly and in a very accurate way the effect of modulations and this pairs extremely well with macros.
That usually requires a dedicated modulation matrix but it’s such a powerful feature that I think it’s worth it, I constantly use it when a synth or effect allows it.

2/ Maybe a clickless bypass button aside of the dry/wet knob could be handy but it’s minor, we can also use the DAW bypass (but it’s sometimes clicky).


Hey @Jee !

I believe the modulation request is already possible with Rift. If you right click on a modulation assignment (the little colored semicircle next to the parameter) you can choose another modulator from the “Add Depth Mod” submenu.

Most of the presets make use of the depth mod, so take a look there too if you haven’t already.

Let me know if that’s what you were thinking :slight_smile:

Bypass button would be nice, thanks!


Hi Ben, that’s nice :slight_smile:
Major fun in perspective :slight_smile:
There is one thing though, after I assign the modulation to modulation amount, I don’t find a way to edit the main parameter total modulation without removing the new modulator that controls the amount. In short the original amount of modulation acts like an offset and cannot be changed once modulator was applied, correct?

Hey, you can adjust the original amount of modulation (primary modulator) by shift-click and dragging the little circular slider.

Turn on the tooltips ("?" icon in the top bar) to get more information about how the modulation works :slight_smile: