Bugged by a bug with Cluster Delay

Hello! I really love cluster delay and have been using it a ton since I got it. I’m running into an issue though. In ableton live 11, whenever I change the buffer size of a project, in every instance of cluster delay, the depth value resets to zero. This isn’t displayed in the UI however (the depth knobs still display where I last put them), but I can hear that they are at or close to zero. To get it back to where it was I have to move the knobs a little to reset the ducking to be where I wanted it. This is super inconvenient and makes it so I have to keep track of all my cluster delay instances where i’m relying on ducking. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We fixed a similar issue in the last update, but I just reproduced this on my system and am looking into it right now.

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Hey again @hiroto_kei! Just wanted to let you know that the patch for this issue will be released with the next update for Cluster Delay. We’ll post here in the forum when that rolls out!

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Amazing! Thank you so much, yall are great.

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Hey @hiroto_kei apologies for the delay. We ended up fixing a few other issues in addition to this one. You can now download Cluster Delay v1.0.1 from your user account here: https://www.minimal.audio/account/products

Please let me know if you run into any issues!