Can't change Rift theme in FL Studio 21

Hey :slight_smile:

My Rift is in dark mode by default but I would like to use the bright theme. In the newest FL Studio version I can not change it. By clicking on the button nothing happens.

Anyone have an idea whats the problem?


Hi @ancient7

Not sure what’s up with this but it sounds similar to an issue we fixed on some computers in our most recent Rift update. Please make sure you’re on the most up to date version here:

If that doesn’t solve it please let me know what OS you’re running and we’ll look into it!

Hey, thanks for the reply!
I bought Rift on May 9th and downloaded the newest version (2.0.3r).

I am using FL Studio 21.0.3 on Windows 11.

Ok, thanks for the info.

This sounds like a Windows permission issue. Can you take a look at the folder here: C:\ProgramData\Minimal and make sure that you have write access to it?

You can also try right-clicking on the installer and selecting “run as administrator”. There have been a few users that have had to do this.

Let me know how that goes!

Nice, I had to allow write access to that folder and now it’s working. Thank you, Ben! :slight_smile: