Cluster delay: ducker stops working when exporting audio in Bitwig

Hi! I’ve noticed that when using the ducker in Bitwig, once I export audio (eg. render the whole song), all of the delays in the rendered song seem to have ducking disabled, and when I play back in the DAW after rendering, it sounds the same there (ducking isn’t working). The correct settings are displayed in the plugin UI, and adjusting them slightly “re-enables” it, as does closing/re-opening the project (I have not tried restarting the audio engine, but I would guess that has the same effect).

It’s probably the same issue as outlined in these threads, in which case it’s great to know you’re already working on it! However, I thought it’d be prudent to also report my specific symptoms in case it’s something else.

Last thing, just wanted to say I’m super happy with cluster delay; I use delay a lot and this has already become my go-to for creative spatial processing while still having a high degree of control. Cheers!

Hi @yupferris!

Thanks for posting. We’re going to updating our installers today or tomorrow with a fix. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

Glad you’re enjoying Cluster Delay!

Hey @yupferris apologies for the delay. We ended up fixing a few other issues. You can now download Cluster Delay v1.0.1 from your user account here:

Please let me know if you run into any issues!

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Finally got around to trying the updated version, and everything appears to be working smoothly - thanks a bunch!