Cluster Delay Modulations

Hey Minimal Audio!

First off – I’ve only had it for a day but I LOOOOVE Cluster Delay! Props to Dash Glitch for doing a quick demo of it on his YT.

One thing I noticed is that the Effect Mix doesn’t appear to have automation / modulation available? For example when I select “Diffusion” I’d like to gradually bring in the Mix, but it doesn’t look like the host recognizes it as a control. This would be a great feature! (Unless I’m missing something) :slight_smile:

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You mean the field that changes to width too right? The other 1 (depth, size, mix) should automate fine afaik. The menus are being looked at as I understand it. :pray:

Hey thanks @DreamstateSeven — unfortunately those little text sliders are not currently automatable. We’re going to try and change that in an update :slight_smile:

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@ben.minimal all good! Plenty more to explore with this super rad plugin. Thanks!

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