Convolution section

The only thing I absolutely love about trash 2 is it’s convolution amp module. The different textures from that could instantly turn audio into “Oh Damn” that and the different delay algorithms. But mostly adding different convolution modeled cabinet, devices, amps would be awesome. Then I was also thinking about the prime time delays freeze slbutton is fancy. Freezing the tails or the whole signal could be interesting.
Definitely love what you guys have designed it’s fantastic just how it is but damn a year or 2 the way u guys are updating this thang will be a monster weapon that kills all competition!


hey wesg, welcome to the forum community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggesting this - I think adding some convolution models would be quite a strong addition indeed! I wonder how it would affect CPU usage, but nonetheless I’ll run it by the team.

Thanks so much for your support! And yeah, as we continue to update Rift it should evolve into a pretty formidable beast :smiley:

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