Dark Mode, please

Rift has become my favorite plugin. The stuff you guys have done with the LFO editor and filters alone is unrivaled, and that’s not even mentioning the actual distortion. I’m using Rift on almost every track and really enjoy doing so. But I am one of those cave dwelling producer creatures, my studio is always in a neon darkness. With ableton in a custom dark theme, Serum skinned in all black, and everything in dark mode that i can, Rift popping onto the screen is a bit intense. I would gladly pay $10 to avoid that. Doesn’t need to be the full skin editor (Although that would be insanely awesome), just a quick and dirty inversion would be immensely appreciated.

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Hey @LEMONSNVKE thanks for posting. Glad you’re enjoying Rift!

We’re working on dark mode right now. It should be in the next update with multiband.



I just downloaded it and loaded it up for the first time. You made it absolutely perfect. I am one very happy producer and shall swear my allegience to your team for eternity. Thank you for the amazing plugin and support!

Since you’re kicking ass at things these days, how plausible would a vocoder be in the future? I know a lot of people struggle with setting them up, I sure as hell did for a while. And melodic riddim is making it a popular technique these days. I tried vocal synth 2 but actually went back to ableton’s stock one. If you put one of those out I’d spend as much as rift now is, without hesitation.


@LEMONSNVKE thank you!

We actually have been thinking about a vocoder (among many other things) but I’m not sure if / when it will happen.

What do you like about the Ableton one in comparison to others?

Cheers :slight_smile: