Dark Theme, Fade between two presets

Hey all! Relaying these from support emails.

  1. “ can we please get a dark skin? same colors minus the white? or possibly just the option to make new skins/defaults please?”

  2. “ Preset transitioning:

I haven’t seen a plugin do it before but wouldn’t it be cool if you had an option to select two pre-sets and then like a fader that can slowly tweak all the parameters from one pre-set into the parameters of another pre-set with the time it takes to be determined by the user. ”

Dark theme is always nice on the eyes, and this preset fading idea seems pretty sweet too. Just placing them here so theyre not lost in emails.


The fun thing about (1) is I’ve thought about what a dark mode would look like for Rift too, and it turns out this forum theme is similar to what I had in mind. So not a literal inversion, but the high-contrast has a cool sci-fi feel to it.

You guys seem big on the white/purple visual identity, and I think it works great for you. But if you ever open up color palettes, another very neat and complementary one could be the “amber CRT terminal” like this bit o’ computing history: What were other colors beside green and amber for monochrome monitors? - Retrocomputing Stack Exchange

Re: (2) I like preset morphing in some other instruments/effects very much. It can lend its hand to such subtle or drastic transitions. Now imagine taking it to madness degrees if you have QUAD Rifts like a Korg Wavestation, one Rift instance in each corner of a square, and can blend between them in an XY pad fashion. Ha!

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yeah @TORLEY I dig that old school vibe – this forum is based on a theme called Dracula which is very popular in the development community, but just by chance, it ended up looking pretty similar to what we envision dark mode to look like.

Because a lot of the components in rift are so complicated, doing custom skins would be tough. Just the knobs themselves are like 12 layers of graphics :sweat_smile: but definitely – we’ll be adding a dark mode with some time, with future products allow both modes.

One of our big inspirations is this classic hardware design who did a lot of the old braun stuff – dieter rams – check his stuff out for some other awesome inspiration

@jake.minimal I like learning about your design inspirations! I’m familiar with Dracula and Dieter Rams, I’m glad you spend a lot of time thinking about design. There are too many audio instruments and effects, that unfortunately sound good but don’t look good… thus the cohesion is broken.

I like how with Rift, there’s a predominant purple-white-gray, so any ADDITIONAL use of color (as for modulations) really, really stands out.

Have you also read the book PUSH TURN MOVE – BJOOKS ?

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@TORLEY I have! Actually some previous apps I’ve worked on are in there but I won’t mention them here : )

Ummm, a “flat GUI” mode with less layers might be a thought no :rofl: unless you mean all the modulation stuff which the mad modders can worry about. Doesnt want redesigning, possibly changing hue and colours of modulators … ah wait i just figured it out … too much to have to match across a load of different elements, including knobs. Also it’s not just .pings is it :roll_eyes: I’ve made a load of my own more “useful” GUI’s but only with pngs. I’ll shut up but defo got another vote for dark mode here :ballot_box_with_check:

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