Does anyone know where I can download the samples from the emails?

I mistakenly deleted the email containing the samples. :frowning:

Hey @lios

Are you talking about the sample drops?

Get in touch with our support and they’ll sort you out!


Hi, i have a similar problem : i received the email about the sample drops from the mailing list subscription but none of the links work ; when i click anyone of them a window opens and then closes. I tried your support page but i had no answer. So i joined this forum to have more info, i am surprised that you have to create a separate account when your are already registered with the main site.


Hey Jean @JB_iam

Thanks for reaching out - can you please let us know which sample drops you are missing in our support email thread?

We are happy to sort you out with those samples you’ve missed and will look into what’s happening with the links not working.

Thanks again,


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Ok, i received the new email from the newsletter with the drums drop samples and it works (i had to clear the link for ublock but it works)