Envelope Follower Improvement

It would be incredibly useful to have sidechain hp and lp filters in envelope follower, so you could modulate anything using only high/low/mid content of the signal. For example, saturate kick, modulating saturation with envelope follower, following only kicks high frequency content (attack).

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It’s a bit tedious but it only takes a few seconds to do that thru another send with the hp or lp on. Lots of ways to do it but making a frequency dependant envelope follower would be an interesting toy/tool in its self … Maybe even spectral analysis. Anyone know if there anything like that around now? Apart from transient “shapers” with 2-3 bands I guess, but that’s not quite the same. I can’t think of one… It’s just a more complex side chain eq essentially, running into an amplitude analyser that can be used as a modulation source for whatever you fancy?.. lol