FR: Cluster Delay Keytracking

I just watched the cluster delay walkthrough, because i wanted to know if it’s a delay i’d want to have, cause i felt like it’s rift feedback lite’s big brother, since it’s both about delays. you did a great job with the overall interface, how it displays the taps and the functionality of each parameter.

anyway i didn’t see a feature for using midi input notes to determine the delay’s pitch. i use this feature every single time in rift feedback lite when i make music. maybe i’m overlooking where the feature is, but if not then i’d really like to see it in some future update

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That’s a big plus 1 from me. Usually I use keytracking/midi in full rift instrument mode, but I always forget about feedback lite… Fyi that’s After politely asking if they had any plans of splitting it out of rift like the filter… :man_facepalming: Truth is I’m still “exploring” rift, in that the rhythmic and melodic possibilities are still blowing me away. Was months before I tried it as a static “digital” distortion on a drum bus :man_facepalming:. “I thought digital sounded ‘digital’”, I thought… lmao. Amazing anywhere in the chain on guitars too. Especially with midi control of (more) distorted feedback loops! :metal::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
ps one day I’m expecting a “mic-drop” multi effect from minimal (as in no need for ANY more effect vst’s from anyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) literally does anything you want just before you can imagine it… A gift for generations to come. “The power to create is yours now my children” , and you guys with the wannabe analogue skeuomorphic screws in the GUI … YES YOU! STOP IT! NOW! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :innocent: :rofl: :sob:

Hey @BeatsBasteln thanks for posting. You’re correct that Cluster Delay does not accept MIDI input. It’s a totally different thing from RFBL. It’s possible that we’ll add it in an update :slight_smile:

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i have no idea how a complex tapped delay sounds on such small scales. but you should just try adding it and if it sounds any cool and more than the typical keytracked delay flavour i’d totally add it if i were you