I think sample drop 13 changed my life!

Most inspiring freebie yet from anywhere! I made a whole track that night with only some added brass (orchestral tools freebie) and 1 synthline (knifonium). It was like the old days of hardware samplers for me. I processed and chopped a load of bits out of the sample drop, and boom. From only 8 of the 12 samples I had 90% of a track (loads of pitching and filtering so more than 8 samples total).

So. As of about 10 minutes ago I finally bought everything else you sell lol… Been waiting till I could justify it (or spoil myself) and I had a good day at work after a really testing week. The universe listened , and my youtube just played talking heads at random. “Once in a lifetime” … Was it all meant to be, are we all just in a perpetual abyss of destiny and desire? Who knows but I’m totally having a moment! Shame I’m up at 6am or I’d be on it till next Tuesday!
Love from the abyss and again THANK YOU!

ps . The sample folders even have embedded icons. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I used to make my own for anything “worthy” so that they jumped out of a bloated collection. Spot on guys cos I’d have modded them eventually. So in love with minimal right now!

pps I’m gonna make a folder for the generic “minimal audio” folder, with your logo obviously, so maybe you missed a trick? But that might be overkill for some lol…
More Please.

Sample Drop 13 ! The last one I got was Sample Drop 10.

If you mail them they usually send you the links. I thought they’d be long gone. They were super helpful tho when I missed 1.

if youre subscribed, you should get all the packs emailed to you - check in your email search bar for any emails from minimal.audio or stuff with the word “sample drop”. Should come up (I also star all my sample drop emails so I can find them easily in my gmail)

Yeah, I get that every two weeks. Last one I got was Sample Drop 10 on November 2nd. So I was expecting Drop 11 on the 9th but that didn’t happen. So I thought that maybe ten was just the end. Seemed like a nice round number to stop on. I mean I wouldn’t expect they would be able to do the drops forever. Then I saw this post and I was like 13! I must be missing some goodies. Like I said I just thought that it had ended at 10 when I didn’t get anything on 9th.

Hey Everyone!

First off thanks for the awesome post!

For the other concerns, we have noticed some cases where it looks like a drop was sent on our end, but for some reason it wasn’t received. If you think this might have happened to you – feel free to reach out to support.

We plan to continue adding packs to the drops as time and content permits, but without giving anything away, you’ll get far more than 10.

Also one note – You start getting drops numbered based on when you sign up, so your first drop will always say #1 – if someone else is getting higher numbers, it just means they signed up earlier.



Literally my pleasure. :bowing_man:

I was trying to figure out how much overlap there was with the “drops” I already had and the packs I wanted (good marketing of good products works), when I decided to just buy them all, and it was a good day!

A bit off topic but… Is it odd that I still got excited for “drop 14” having just bought everything lol…

Even more off topic but wanted to mention it before I get lost in a beat… I’ve just downloaded the Eventide “split eq” for demo and 1st thing i thought of was your amazing sound design. So much of it has unusual transient and tonal elements interacting, I cant wait to see what happens. And to make that clearer, if you haven’t been told or seen it already, eventide just released an eq? Sort of… lol. Should be an interesting combo :crossed_fingers:
:peace_symbol::heart: :heavy_plus_sign: :loud_sound:

EDIT: Hmm, since playing with the split eq on samples (rather than mixes or tracks), now I’m wondering if you guys had it on beta all this time… lol… Doh! Last to the party as always (last to leave tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Minimal probably used Rift a lot - It would be a wasted opportunity if they didn’t. I’ve been getting into making some weird granular and distorted sound effects to just put in my own personal pack, and Rift really helps a lot with everything.

From the Distortion engine to the automations (which I pretty much put on full chaos randomization when creating weird foley effects), they can make any sound pop - paired with the filter and feedback, you can turn a simple sine wave into a crazy sound effect with just a few instances of Rift (and some reverb)

Rift is pretty great for sound effect processing, so I would be surprised if Minimal didn’t use Rift for lots of their samples.

Also, heck yeah, I’m pumped for drop 14 :slight_smile: (well, for me it’s 15 but stillll). I absolutely cannot wait to chop the samples up and mutilate them with my fx gear :sunglasses: (namely Rift). The samples included in the drops are so versatile and creative, and can pretty much be used anywhere. The day I bought Rift, I took the sample “Earth - Texture - Stumble Stones 2” and edited the heck out of it with Rift and SliceX to create a DNB drum loop.

Big thumbs up to Minimal for creating banger plug-ins, amazing FX libraries, and for sending the community little sneak peaks of what you’re capable of with no price catch :slight_smile:

PS (if Minimal sees): If I were to make some of my own Rift presets and I wanted to share them, would I just post them on the forum with the User Space tag or would I do something different?

Agree that using Rift would be a no brainer for them but the samples all seam to have a sound similar to what I’m getting with split. Super wide transients and focused low mids , or vice versa. If you’re not talking about it I can only assume you haven’t tried it yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So just for clarification… Which Sample Drop are we on?

My inbox’s most recent one is Sample Drop 11 on 12/31/2021

This is in addition to the 2021 Mini Pack sent out during the holiday break.

its based on when you sign up. the numbers are different for everyone. so if you signed up aaaagggesss ago you could be on like sample drop 17, but if youre new then you could be on sample drop 4. its all relative to when you requested to be added to the list of people receiving the soundpacks.