Installation Issue

I’ve downloaded Rift (2.0.3r0) Windows and loaded into my FL studio DAW. I get an Error message saying if I downloaded it correctly when I try to open the plugins along with a ? where I have to go in and say if it’s an Synth or an Effect. I’ve tried Re-scanning, Re-downloading or even the other plugins that were given to me by the website and it says the same thing. Any Pointers on how I can use this plugin.

Hey @Shakie sorry about the slow reply.

Did you get in touch with our support team about this by any chance? I believe this has come up before but I’m not sure what the solution was. I’ll share this post with them.

Is this something that just started when you updated Rift to 2.0.3r0, or is this your first time installing?

Also, are you on Mac or Windows?


@ben.minimal I got no replies from the support team and its first time download of this plugin

@Shakie I wasn’t able to reproduce this on Windows — but I Googled the issue and found these steps that will hopefully resolve the issue. Make sure to select “Effect” since none of our plugins are “Synths.”

Not sure why you didn’t hear back from support. Did you contact them using the same email as you have here on the forum?

Hope that helps! If you can’t get it to work we can, of course, issue a refund.