LFO and or CURVE trigger start points by song position or playhead position?

Alo again. This is more of a question than anything else.

So as I’ve mentioned, I’m doing a lot of bouncing with rift for a few reasons. Some not stated as yet…

The most FUN reason is the variance in LFO and CURVE modulation particularly when NOT set to “normal” sync times, ie 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16. I think it’s the CURVE as the LFO has trigger options. To be clear, (mostly because of the workflow it’s created) bouncing the same region from different start points yields very different and exciting new modulations. I often start playback from “unmusical” poinst in the timeline and it’s really annoying that they change mod timing every time , BUT I’ve had some amazing happy accidents doing this :partying_face: :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:


Is this intentional, and is this a Logic Pro(ish) only thing?

I would hope you don’t “fix” this as such, because it can be amazing. However, with more complex arrangements, it can be very tedious to have to start playback from the beginning every time to see how the actual bounce will sound all the way thru.

Syncing with the playhead can be a nightmare from what a friend told me. Lots of extra processing and latency for very little reward… That’s why this is not a request lol.


Could this be a “switchable” option without rewriting it all?
(so that’s nearly a request)…

Right, that was all very misleading however I’ve realised what’s actually happening. This should be much clearer. :crossed_fingers: :pray:

The curve keeps running (cycling) only while the feedback loop is active (even if not audible). The “problem” I’m having is that the next time in the arrangement audio plays, it restarts the curve from the exact point in it’s cycle that the feedback finished. Not the beginning of the curve shape. Great for semi-randomness but not good for rhythmic curves combined with high feedback.

A simple trigger option on the curves, exactly like the LFO, should solve it I think.

It would be very useful to be able to let them run while the playhead is moving. Like a constant LFO. I know that’s not the design idea of the curve, and I love what you’ve done! However with only 1 “LFO” I use the curves as additional ones all the time. Problem is they don’t conform to the same rules as the LFO so things get messy quickly. Also in Logic Pro the feedback loop persists the next time you play. Which adds to the issue as it doesn’t even start “right” without playing back and stopping twice to stop the inaudible loop. Lots of reverbs and delays are like that but in this case it messes up playback for the whole rest of the timeline.

Hope that makes sense. Should I make a clear “feature request” now I’ve figured out what it is? If someone responds to this I’ll call off the dogs lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK thanks for not pointing out I’m an IDIOT but you could have told me it was hidden in an odd design choice… Only complaint so far;

Why did you move the midi trigger button to a menu? I only found it in automation menu. Doh!

What’s really odd is that it’s not repeating the same behaviour now I’ve clicked thru the midi options. It no longer stops cycling at all unless on one shot mode? Is that right???
ps sorry for the , idiot?

Hey @kutchutozov

You’re correct that the LFO and Curve modulators restart from whatever point you press play. It is intentional, but we would like to improve it so that it follows the position of the track. It is not a simple thing to implement, though, so it might be a while before it works its way into an update.

The Curves/LFO should be retriggering from the start every time you press play. It sounds like you’re using Logic, which does something a bit odd with audio tracks — if you do not have audio actively running through the plugin on an audio channel, then Logic disables the audio processing for that plugin to save resources. If you start playback while there is no audio going through Rift, then it will not retrigger the Curve correctly.

It sounds like you’ve found the MIDI trigger buttons. You can always take a look in the manual : )


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Yeah a friend who was learning to program VST’s told me that a while ago, so just for an LFO it’s a poor trade off in workload to results I guess. I think Logic was the reason for the problem seeming to change too so thanks for that. 2nd time was midi instrument and they all cycled fine.

The rest of this post is just a Logic rant so feel free to;
ignore what follows,
join in,
or even help me bite the bullet and move to a new DAW(n). The combination of Live and Reaper appeals, but it’s hard to imagine using just one from my limited use of both… :man_shrugging: little help???

Been complaining about Logic and it’s direction since Apple took over. So many bugs and poor choices since LP5, but 8 onwards has nearly killed the “pro” end of the brand imho… Emagic Logic 4.7 was literally , magical!!! My 1st PC would blue screen during recording 1 in 5 or 6 takes in cubase. Better than the Atari and Emu tho, he thought :thinking: lol . Logic was almost un-crashable without poorly programmed 3rd party stuff. But seriously , it’s been 20 years give or take :face_with_hand_over_mouth: where did my life go? I’m gonna blame Apple for a few of those at leats :shushing_face:… Just an open diatribe for anyone else board enough to read a feedback post :kissing_smiling_eyes: unless it’s your job description, in which case I sincerely apologise and :speak_no_evil: