List of Morph EQ feature requests

Love the new plugin, cheers to the release :slight_smile:

Some things i feel could really improve this plugin:

Ability to disable/enable EQ nodes, also to solo them - currently the only option is to delete

let me mouse scroll over the EQ node and the “type” section to change the current EQ shape - Fabfilter has implemented using mouse scroll for this stuff really well, like scrolling through different distortion algo’s in Saturn. I know that scrolling currently adjusts the Q but so does Ctrl-Click, which feels more correct imo

currently there is no way to choose the EQ curve drop-off rate - i.e. in Pro-Q I can choose 12db/oct, 24db/oct, 36db/oct, 48db/oct, 96db/oct. I personally have been finding this can be huge in helping to sculpt formants and designing. would also be nice if i could right-click on the node to select this or even use an alt-click or some type of keyboard command to change or glide between these.

choose different Q values on different ‘path nodes’ - kind of hard to describe but imagine if you could make a peak filters’ Q go from tight to wide to tight again during the full sweep of travel from the morph knob

minimum frequency of 1hz - i like how messed up everything can start to sound if you sweep EQs into a super low value with a high boost. this is more of a petty ‘me’ thing than anyone else. when i say ‘minimum freq of 1hz’ i mean how low a node can go (currently it goes down to 10hz in Morph EQ)

would be nice to be able to select multiple EQ nodes at once - just because sometimes when designing complex EQs i want to drag a few of them around together to retain their shape or form

speaking of algos… it’d be pretty dope to see some different saturation and distortion curves available on an EQ node - love it when we could make the thing sound like a ladder filter or like some other modeled distortion typically found on analog gear

show some mini pictures next to each EQ “type” to help the user know what they’re about to choose - i don’t need this as much as a newcomer but that kind of stuff is always nice for people who are very visual

additional eq shapes - different types of comb filters could be fun. also there’s other weird filters out there like phaser filters, reverb filters etc. anything ‘special’ you guys could dream up could really shine here and make that new riddim bass that i wish i didn’t have to hear at shows

randomization options - people love these if you implement them well. could be nice to maybe have it give you some random nodes in random spots or maybe let you randomize the paths that you’ve drawn out for a single node

scale the EQ window larger and not the knobs section so much - probably a lot harder than i think it is to do but if anything it could be nice to let me take control of how tall or wide the EQ window is

midi input to map to scale or something - pitch mapping any sort of eq curve has become pretty big in people’s workflows nowadays. just could help make this thing shine :slight_smile: (check out the way SurferEQ 2 has implemented it, pretty amazing how well it works)

sidechain -or- audio input modulation - could be interesting to let sidechain signal be the thing that basically turns the “morph” knob or causes nodes to traverse their path drawn out

let me enter note values like “F2, A#1” into the frequency hz value input to convert it to the hz value - that or maybe let me see what note value this is as I’m hovering over the spectrum

save current settings as default - would be great if i didn’t have do things like resize the window, set the viewfinder to 36dB +/-, set my clipping mode etc every time i add another instance of this

modulation options - everyone’s already mentioned these a ton and although they’d be nice, honestly i’d rather get some of the stuff above first before seing all these LFO options. I usually just automate the crap out of this kind of stuff

Just wanted to drop a bunch of notes on things i feel could help improve the plugin. overall I think it’s a really creative implementation of adding tons of filter movement very quickly, keep up the good work!
cheers – john / restraint


Thanks John @restraint!

Lot’s of great ideas here. We considered some of them during development. I’d love to add more/steeper filter types. Randomization would be awesome too. I’ve added all these to our “list.”


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