Love Rift and I Use it with Endlesss

Hello! I wanted to come by and post how much I am digging rift. I use it a lot in my production and also I’ve been using it in a platform called Endlesss to collaborate live with musicians all over the world. They’re launching plugin hosting early in November so anyone can use rift and your other products to create music live globally with anyone. I’d love to spin up a jam for the community here so everyone can try it out and jam together. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve actually found some really cool folks to collaborate with (and have pointed them to your plugins!) I’m on the beta already and I can post the download link for people to check it out before it launches officially. It’s free for Mac/PC and iOS.

Hey that sounds interesting – is Rift available on the platform somehow?

Hi there. Currently plugin hosting with Endlesss is in beta but will officially launch on November 8th. Anyone that has Rift will be able to use it directly inside the platform without using a dedicated DAW. If you’ve not checked out Endlesss, you can see how it works here

And you can download Endlesss free for iOS Mac/PC here Endlesss - Downloads

If you’d like to check out the beta with the available plugin hosting I can post those as well.

Feel free to DM if you have any more questions!

Hey Jake, just wanted to touch base with you again and see if you had a chance to check out Endlesss. We’d love to start up a featured minimal jam where people can use your plugins when the plugin hosting launches. Let me know if that would be of interest!