Max Morph disrupts workflow


I don’t always use morphEQ in bitwig to modulate complex eq shapes. 2 Reasons.

  1. One of the reasons is that sometimes when the session is loaded the tracks with the plugin on them could end up silent. Since I’m a dev too, I suspect that morphEQ might have had a weird default state on its filters or something, causing some value to be inf or nan. That was when the plugin was just released though. I just wanted to ask if this is still a thing or already solved in newer versions.

  2. What I actually wanna talk about is the usability of the morph knob. Since minimal audio once said they like my youTube channel, I guess I can just assume that the morph knob is partially inspired by the macro knob in my plugins. I feel honored if true, but I have to say you are still slightly missing the point of this feature imo. When using macros (or morph) I often start by turning up that modulator 100% so I can freely sculpt a 2ndary patch without having to care that it is just relative to the main patch. Only once that alternative patch is finished I move the morph knob to other values than 0 or 100% to find out how all the in between steps sound. This workflow does not work in morphEQ because if the mouse cursor is close to the current position of the filter you can only move the entire thing and not just the modulation destination anymore. practically that means you can not put morph on 100% and design the 2ndary patch. you can only put it to smth like 80% and guess how it would sound on 100%. This would need to be solved to maximize morphEQ’s workflow for people, who treat macro/morph features as a way to interpolate between 2 seemingly independent patches.

@everyone else: the youtube channel in question is this one:

@minimal audio: i would like to work for you as a beta tester, if you think that could be beneficial! i enjoy every plugin by you i used so far, so i think i’m pretty confident that our concepts of plugin dev align well

Hey! Thanks for the feedback – We have seen your YouTube but it was not inspired by your channel sorry to say! I’m not sure the feature you’re describing.

With regard to the workflow yeah, it can be a bit tricky because you need some way to move the full path vs individual points (in our opinion)

For question 1 – yeah we did find there was an init issue in v1 – if you upgrade that should be solved! Please let us know if you still experience this after upgrade.

For 2 – Do you have an alternative in mind? Perhaps a way to select the point behind the primary point?



Well then just imagine my macro knob as basically the same thing as your morph knob. A knob that lets you modulate all other things at once. I thought you were inspired by that because no one besides us seemed to have put such a big focus on a macro in an effect plugin before. Nvm then :>

Yeah, for sure! That both needs to be adjustable at any time.

Sweet! Yeah I didn’t experience that bug for a while and I do have a different version than the first one already, so I suppose that must be the fixed one already. Just wanted to make sure.

Ok, so the thing is: As mentioned I want to be able to put Morph on 100% and then adjust the final points of each filter modulation. But the final points now overlap with the current blop of the filter, which in the current implementation means that touching it moves the entire thing. So my idea would be to change that implementation, so that one has to touch the origin of the curve to move the entire thing instead of the current point. That way no matter if Morph is on 0% or 100%, dragging the origin means dragging the entire curve, while the interactions on other parts of the curve now mean adjusting those, like the curvyness between 2 points, or the final point’s position. I don’t know yet if that would yield new problems, but as far as I can imagine so far that would improve the workflow that I have in mind, in which the user tries to find good extremes before starting to interpolate between them. What do you think?

That sounds like a good solution to me but then it presents another – there will be no way to move the first point without moving the entire path :sweat_smile:

Perhaps we could change the visual of the morph / primary point in such a way you could still click it or the point behind it while they’re overlapping?

in my plugins’ macro knobs i solved this issue by adding a button that en/disables if applying modulation depth should be done in absolute parameter values or relative to the main parameter values. i’m quite happy with that solution, but yeah, maybe you find a good way that doesn’t even require an addition button. i’m looking forward to checking it out once it’s done