MIDI Curve Trigger Hold Value

I believe I might be experiencing a bit of a bug with curves when they are triggered as envelops from MIDI. If I modulate my filter cutoff with a midi-triggered curve in the shape of a pluck envelop, the filter behaves as expected until the curve comes to an end, at this point it will put the value of the filter at something higher than what I am expecting the filter to be ending/sustaining on. If I adjust the curve to have anything other than an instant attack, the filter is modulated as expected. I linked a video to the problem. Video starts with a longer attack on the curve to show the filter acting as expected, then I change attack of the curve to be instant to show the unexpected behavior. Let me know if I’m missing something about how Rift works or if you’d like any clarification! Thanks for the awesome distortion unit!

Hey @ftuzson

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I just checked it out and you’re right, there is a bug.

I’ve added the issue to our to-do for the next update, which should be about a month from now.

For now, I think you can get essentially what you want by shift-click and dragging the point so that it’s very close to the start of the curve, but not on the same grid line.

Hope that helps!

Sounds good, looking forward to the update. Thanks for the suggestion!

Also just thought I’d mention here that one very slight inconvenience I run in to is that it takes a little extra effort sometimes to grab nodes when they are in the corners because of the rounded edge of the corners of the graph. The node hides a bit behind the curved edge

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