MIDI retriggering not working correctly in Rift2.0

In the old version, when I set a curve to retriggering envelope mode, it worked correctly (I’m pretty sure at least), but since I’ve updated to Rift2.0, It hasn’t been working properly. Now it just goes through the envelope once when I press play, and doesn’t retrigger - not on each MIDI note, nor by itself.
Below is what my modulation section looks like:


Things to note:
→ Using FL 20 (newest update)
→ Synth going into Rift is 3xOsc
→ Rift is the first effect in the effect chain

I’m probably missing something and there’s probably a really simple solution, but I can’t figure it out atm lol

Hey @Systemic

Did you set up the routing in FL Studio so that Rift is recieving MIDI? Unfortunately, its not as simple as just placing Rift after the virtual instrument.

These steps describe how to do it: Cableguys | Audio Plugins

Hope that helps!

Thank you! I knew it was most likely me doing something incorrectly.

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I’m having the same issue, but in Ableton(latest version)

Tested this a bit more, it seems to retrigger correctly if I put Rift on a midi track all by itself. But when an instrument is added, it doesn’t pass the midi through to Rift.

Hey @HERON – have you routed an external instrument with Midi to Rift?

Here’s an example:

Unfortunately instruments don’t pass the midi to the FX by default so it takes a couple extra steps to get setup

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Thanks, easy enough :3