Midi Triggering in Ableton?

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to trigger the midi functions in Rift in Live. It seems to accept incoming data only when there is no instrument before it in the chain. Is there a workaround for this? As I can’t route audio through Rift AND have the midi triggering work.

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To clarify - I know it’s possible to use the midi envelope follower in Live if you have some of the M4L tools. Which I own but would still be interested to know anyway - at least to fill any gaps on my understanding on the flexibility of routing in Ableton anyway.

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So Rift won’t accept Midi data if you’ve got, say, a VST synth taking midi before it?

I’m trying to recreate the issue right now but for some reason my ableton is crashing every time I load up a synth… just upgraded to 11 and hitting too many problems lol.

I’ll fix whatever is happening now and get back to you to see if it happens to me as well.

Thanks Griffin!

Yeah exactly.

Drats :sweat:

hey @upm

So by default most synths will “eat” midi and not pass it along to further FX down the chain. The resolution that is typical is routing the midi to the FX. In ableton this is extremely easy – checkout this video on how frequent sets it up for rift filter lite:



I knew it was going to be simple, thanks mate!