Morph eq bandpass parallel alternative

i watched a tutorial lately in which morph eq was used to carve out some vocal formants and formant shifts by being set to parallel and setting up those formant resonances with 3 bandpass filters while running a clean saw wave at it. i think that was pretty cool already as it perfectly emulated one of my favourite oldies, delay lama, and added another cool twist to it as well. however, i was wondering why the entire dry saw wave still goes through when the plugin is set to parallel. like… what’s the dry/wet parameter good for if 100% wet is just 50% wet irl? i get it, it’s probably useful with the other filter types and in other situations. nevertheless i think it might make sense to add another parallel alternative where you really only hear the filters’ outputs. imagine that. you could make formant stuff with your clean saw input, but actually use a smooth sound as the “floor” of that patch. do you think it would be possible to kinda fit it in there still? :>

Hey! I’m not sure I totally follow here – wouldn’t you expect the entire dry signal to go through each filter in parallel mode?

Unfortunately I’m still not understanding @ 100% wet you should only hear the filters outputs.

In in series – the last filters output is fed to the next, if in parallel, a copy of the dry signal is sent to each filter, then summed with some gain staging.

Have you seen another behavior?