Morph EQ Feature Request

Hi I just purchased your morph EQ, Nice Plugin !!! Really cool.

I was wondering if the automation could be hooked to a LFO ?
So you could temposync the morphing ? Is that already possible ?
I just started to learn this new cool plugin ! Love your plugins !!!

And maybe if you have made a circle automation that the eq could follow that path… with an LFO it would go to one side and back again… maybe also the option to go over the point.

I also noticed when I click on scale with ALT (on pc it goes to 100% and not to 0% as it is the default.)

And one thing I can’t understand and nothing is said in the manual is the “Lock” function in the Morph Button. Its not doing anything here… or I don’t notice what’s locked… since you can right click and the setting is reset… even when “locked”

Cheers TweakerRay

Hey @TweakerRay — glad you’re enjoying Morph EQ!

A lot of DAWs have built in modulation that can be assigned to any of Morph EQ’s knobs. We decided not to add modulation to the plugin in order to keep things easy to use.

The “Lock” option locks a parameter so that it does not change when a different preset is loaded. This way you could keep something like there Dry/Wet mix the same when trying out different presets.

Hope that helps!