Morph EQ: Introductory or loyalty pricing?

Hello, dear @jake.minimal and @ben.minimal ,

I’ve been stunned to see you’ve just released your new plugin, building upon the very concept of Rift. It very much reminds me of UVI Shade, which looks like an unknown brother to Morph EQ, with a similar, but a still different set of features and a slightly :slight_smile: alternative approach. Congratulations on what’s possibly becoming a very powerful workhorse creative filter!

However, I’ve been asking myself if there will be some introductory pricing, or loyalty pricing for existing Rift owners who would love to follow down your path?

All the best from Berlin

Hey @ratzekind — glad you’re excited to try Morph EQ!

We decided not to do an into price or similar discount this time around, but if you own the Everything Bundle (or any of our products) you can upgrade and save 30% on whatever products you don’t own.

Regarding Shade — I’ve used it a decent amount and its super cool. I’d say Morph EQ is more immediate but goes less deep. Also the morph paths and hardwired macros are super fun!


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Hi Ben, understood :blush:. Of course, it’s all up to you how you do your pricing, was just wondering because Rift was on sale for so long.

I think Shade’s power is really the modulation, and the incredible amount of modulation sources and filter types. Yes, it can be overwhelming, and you certainly don’t grab it and get it going in two minutes. That’s a bit easier with Morph EQ. Although I’m dearly missing the heart of Rift, the actual modulation part—I guess that’s something that is maybe coming a bit later? I think it would make Morph EQ so much more useful if we didn’t have to use our DAW’s modulators, but could use your intuitive modulation system from Rift.

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