Morph EQ UX Issue When Modulating Constantly


Bitwig is the best DAW ever. You’ve probably all heard of it, because Bitwig-users are like vegans. That being said Bitwig has modulators, like LFOs and I’ve put such an LFO on the morph knob in morph eq. That means that all these filter blops in the interface constantly move around quite fast. You can’t grab them anymore like that. And if you actually manage to grab them, while they are running around that fast, it can happen that they accidently jump somewhere else, because there’s something in the UI, that doesn’t understand how to handle a drag during modulation. Stopping playback doesn’t stop the LFO, because it’s a free running LFO, but you can turn down the LFO rate to be able to grab the filters. But that means you have to maintain a seperate setting just for having one where you can touch all filters in the plugin window. I thought maybe it would be cool if some part of the UI was dedicated to give you a little list view of all active filters and their nodes, so we can click on that when our modulation goes out of hand.



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Hey @BeatsBasteln did you see the little filter selector dropdown on the far left of the control bar?

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 9.11.51 AM

You should be able to edit each filter from the control bar when they’re going nuts like that. It can definitely get hectic with modulation! Is there no way to bypass the LFOs in Bitwig? In Ableton I’d turn the LFO device off, tweak my settings and turn it back on.


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thanks. so the selector does solve the issue of not being able to grab a modulated filter. and as long as i only try to drag the parameters below the xy pad i can then tweak it while it’s being modulated. i can also temporarily set the lfo’s depth to 0 if i want to be able to drag on the xy pad. i know it’s hard to programm a ui/ux feature that can withstand every edgecase of bitwig’s mod system, so i think it’s pretty good at this point

Yeah – imagine our concern when we had internal modulation! LOL - I think long term we need a solution to possible “freeze” the UI.