Multi Out for Filter or Feedback Dynamics Taming

It’s a little tricky to explain more clearly than this but hopefully it will make sense as a concept. Basically one more stereo output should do it. 2 is unnecessary because when filter is “pre” it goes straight into the distortion, and vice versa in “post” (the feedback loop would still go into the filter, so no need to process separately).


  1. When filter is in POST mode, the wet mix could be assignable to output 3-4. Particularly for processing the often wild dynamics created by sharp resonance automation for example. Compressing or limiting the entire distorted signal is generally sub optimal.


  1. When filter is in PRE mode, the FEEDBACK mix (last in the chain I think) would be assignable to output 3-4. Again to deal with the potentially very dynamic feedback loops separate to distorted mix.

PS rift is hands down the best £50 I’ve spent since my 1st software purchase of far far more than that, many many moons ago, on a planet far far away… :drooling_face: :heart_eyes:

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Interesting idea! With your current framework, would outputs 3/4 be under the hood, or controlled by the user?

Ok tbh I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but I’m not a compression snob lol so internal dynamics would be cool but a lot to add for you guys I guess. I was thinking a separate output in Logic for example (still not the best for multi out plugins tho). Just to stick some compression on. I ended up doing multiple bounces/renders and layering but its a pain. As I remember VST 2’s need a completely different plugin to output more than 2 channels tho, so for you I suppose internal dynamics might be a more elegant solution for all formats. No more than 2 inputs for any Audio Unit tho … (and no midi routing outside the discontinued “environment” in Logic not so Pro) … I digress but it’s going to kill them AU’s if no one addresses it soon AF. lol just my thoughts about future formats. VST2 and AU must piss you off more than us :roll_eyes:

Ooo… I’ve just realised a gate built in to would be really handy too. Specifically for feedback so you can stop it as soon as your audio does. Often my trails of feedback are pitched and arpeggiated so I want them to stop when my audio does as an option. Might not need a gate for that from your end :thinking: but it’s a bugger for me to bounce everything down to audio so early in the creative process. That’s the easy workaround but tedious in a production workflow. Fine for sound design tho.

Also the opposite might be handy for vocals and there’s a kicker! lol … One could invert the follower to mix, and duck from the original signal… Very useful, however, as Sarah_De_Carlo pointed out here (RIFT) Sidechain Imput for the Follow Envelope , we could use another channel to control mix and or dynamics … Hmmmm …

Sooo… To be clear , ish , I still want some dynamics control, wether its internal or 3rd party I don’t care, but the internal option gives you guys more scope to amaze us all with something better even lol … and to add outputs and sidechain input to that model, now would be a hat on a hat. Perfection!

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I see, so you’ve been bouncing things down early in order to avoid these issues. I think you bring up some good points! Some sort of Gate feature is def a viable option. Long trails on any plugin can be a pain, I hear ya there.

We’ll consider adding more dynamics control in general for our next update :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re flexing Rift to its full potential :slight_smile: I’ll keep you updated on these suggestions as we work toward the next update.


Honestly I’m so in love with it , that it’s changed my production workflow. Lead lines (synth or guitar) are the best sources for me so far, but for ear candy? … Wow! That’s when the “trails” can be magical. Made me revaluate a few well loved plugins. A true game changer for me! Soon as I’ve got anything releasable I’ll shout you guys 1st for sure! So once again thank you all at Minimal, and more than happy to help in any way I can…