Multiband Distortion

Hi there, not bought RIFT yet and the only thing holding me back is the lack of Multiband Distortion as I already own Thermal and Trash 2, others etc. If this was added in the future I would be happy to support and purchase, good luck with Rift though, sounds awesome.
Phat Monkey

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Hey @PhatMonkey

Thanks for the checking us out and posting! For Rift, we decided to focus on high-quality algorithms and unique processing rather than multi-band but we are interested in adding it in the future!


I would like to second a multiband mode, would be super cool and useful. But I’d also like to have random buttons on each individual effect as opposed to a drop down menu. And an undo button would be great! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: As more of a general request, more filter and distortion shapes are always welcome. please :sunglasses:

@PhatMonkey it’s distortion is literally only the tip of the iceberg. Shouldn’t be compared to other distortions. Nothing like trash or thermal at all. (not a big fan of either, decapitator all day) more like unfiltered DENT with it modulation options. You won’t use it to replace static multi-band distortions mate,TRUST me!!!