Multiband Distortion

Hi there, not bought RIFT yet and the only thing holding me back is the lack of Multiband Distortion as I already own Thermal and Trash 2, others etc. If this was added in the future I would be happy to support and purchase, good luck with Rift though, sounds awesome.
Phat Monkey

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Hey @PhatMonkey

Thanks for the checking us out and posting! For Rift, we decided to focus on high-quality algorithms and unique processing rather than multi-band but we are interested in adding it in the future!


I would like to second a multiband mode, would be super cool and useful. But I’d also like to have random buttons on each individual effect as opposed to a drop down menu. And an undo button would be great! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: As more of a general request, more filter and distortion shapes are always welcome. please :sunglasses:

@PhatMonkey it’s distortion is literally only the tip of the iceberg. Shouldn’t be compared to other distortions. Nothing like trash or thermal at all. (not a big fan of either, decapitator all day) more like unfiltered DENT with it modulation options. You won’t use it to replace static multi-band distortions mate,TRUST me!!!

RIFT 2.0 now we are talking… I am fully on board… :sunglasses:

One thing to note, it is not 3 fully functional bands in terms of effects, only the middle band is being processed, which is a bit of a pain in the ass, cuz to set 3 proper bands you’ll need 3 instances.

Please correct me if i’m wrong but there is no switch that would turn the effect on for neither lower nor higher band to have their own separate set of distortion/filter/resonator settings (i assume you just decided to not change the signal flow/architecture of the plugin, not quite what most people would expect, i guess, still thanks for the update)

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Same problem, don’t understand how to switch bands for processing different types of distortion shapes.

Yeah, you can’t. I got reply from Jake - it is by design that only the “mid” band has effect on, so to set up a proper multiband split with 3 bands you’d have to have 3 instances each with “mid” band having different frequencies covering the whole spectrum (so like example, first instance you’d have to set “mid” band to be from 20hz to 200hz, second instance - 200hz to 2khz, and third - 2khz to 20khz to cover the whole spectrum)

Hey Everyone!

Posting a little more detail about our MB implementation taken from some emails explaining it:

We opted for this because we wanted the entire engine to be MB — not just the distortion stage : )

The other thing to consider is — at least from the experience of the internal team here — when doing multiband processing, the goal (most of the time) is to target a certain portion of the frequency spectrum, as opposed to just doing different distortion on the high and low end etc — paired with the refiltering — the goal for us was actually to allow rift to be a much more subtle and targeted effect, as opposed to an even crazier one with more full spectrum options.

I think if you play with it a while and compare it to how you use MB in other plugins (individual controls for each stage but limited to distortion)— you may find that this implementation works out better for your goals most of the time.

For example, you can do a morphing filter, and keep the morph targeted to only your target band. It allows for some really interesting sweeping filter movements, without entirely removing the high/low end spectrum of your sound.

We’ll try to put out some videos this week with some more inspiration on it!

P.S. — one of thing to try is the lock — if you center the band where you want it, click the lock, and then start flicking through presets, all the presets you load will now target your selected area of the frequency spectrum, making for some really fast and efficient experimentation.


Yes I totally agree, I do not care much for different distortions on different bands, I am happy now I can keep the very low end clean and destroy the upper frequencies :smiley:


Hi together, I don’t know if I’m correct in this thread but it would be nice to change the bands/on-off MB Dist., etc. via MIDI. Till now only some of the older things like macro 1&2, curve rate, filter mix and 38 parameters are possible but not the newer ones. especially the first named would be really nice. with that we can change directly in the DAW on the fly and also live (I am a Ableton and push 2 user).