Multiple issues with MorphEQ

App is an awesome idea but it is a nightmare how it behaves. It has super low frame rate in Ableton 11.2 (same in earlier versions) and Logic Pro X (from 10.6 up). It crashes at saving presets, factory presets are not visible at all (but they are in application support\minimal folder), when recording a synth with MorphEQ modulating the morph it gives different audio than heard.
Laptop Macbook Pro M1 Pro 32GB 1TB
MacOS tested Monterey 12.6 (and earlier same issues on Monterey) and on beta Ventura (can check earlier versions due to M1 native compatibility). I have also Rift, Rift Feedback Lite and Rift lite and with all of them I have graphical issues, crashing and no factory presets. On top of that every time I load the plugin since few days it asks me too authorise, which works but annoys as hell.

If I could I would return it. Had such love for functionality that didn’t use refund in 30 days as per law in EU as unhappy costumer (and that f*****ing email you have sent me to get your “everything bundle” and get more money from me, for not working products).

Kind regards

Hey Jakub – This certainly does not sound like the standard user experience and I’m sorry you’re having these problems. Have you reached out to our support? They’re certainly not going to leave you high and dry – especially if you’ve been loyal enough to purchase all our products and are having these issues.

M1 graphics issues from Rift should have been fixed many updates ago – and presets not showing is certainly not a common issue we see at all. Reach out to support so we can get this handled for you and not leave you feeling frustrated!