New modules and ability to change routing

Hey guys,

Curious if these two things are something you might be looking into at some point - ability to change signal routing, and adding some new modules (as in not distortion types but rather sub-effects on par with distortion, feedback and filter)

Someone suggested convolution here - could be an amazing option as a bonus maybe one or two algorythmic reverbs (plate/hall?) as well.
Some other options could be:

  • ring mod, frequency mod (sinewave or self-modulation perhaps?)
  • grain delay (more space-y weirdness is always cool i feel like and i don’t know any plugin that combines both cool distortion and granular engine)
  • stutter/glitch/beat-repeat stuff
  • maybe some spectral stuff

these are merely me trying to fit a bunch of effects into what i imagine the ultimate multi-effect could be like. with the framework you have right now (three high quality modules and amazing modulation setup) any of the above effects could do wonders in my opinion. and ability to change the way signal flows between all of them would be a cherry on top.

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Hey @Tineidae, thanks for the requests!

We would love to add these to Rift but it’s more lilkely that somethings along these lines will become their own effects.

It’s a bummer, but we can’t add more automatable/modulatable parameters to Rift without dropping VST2 support and even then it’s risky with how different DAWs handle their parameters — we don’t want to break people sessions!

We’re huge fans of granular and spectral effects :wink:


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