Pitch Snap Scale Presets

From a support email. I think this would be great.

Please consider adding preset scales to cutoff and feedback pitch snap. It saves some uneccassary clicks. Why waste some clicks on drawing minor/major scale when you can just select the preset.


Here’s another reason in support: if you’re a producer who common makes tracks in a given key, or you have multiple instances of Rift in a single project — each one on a separate track — it saves a lot of time to key-match them. I’m often thinking about operations that are painful to do in batches, so selecting a scale preset applies to that.

Another thing to take it further, though, would be automating the scale preset within a project. Especially if you have chord changes. Right now I’m kind of working around this by duplicating Rift, then toggling one off when I turn the other on, but that’s not very efficient.

The scale thing is related to my (3) request in Random Presets & Key Lock too

I like the idea of a plugin being aware that it is a part of a project. Perhaps there’s a way to make key locking auto repeat for a project in a DAW so you don’t have to manually reset it every time.