Plugin Loyalty Pricing (w/o sound packs)

Your team creates truly marvelous plugins. And I would love to ask (for those in my similar situation) if your team would create some sort of loyalty pricing… OR a modified version of your “Everything Bundle” which is exclusively for the plugins, without the sound packs.

As a sound designer, I create my own sounds and customized layers… therefore I personally do not purchase the sound packs of others. And creating how useful your tools are for sound designers, allowing us access to bundle pricing without requirement for sound packs would go a long way for our community.

Thank you.

Thanks for the kind words @sekrit! We’re looking into creating a software bundle now that we have 3 paid plugins but I’m not sure when it will be up exactly. Appreciate the thoughts and support!

Very welcome. And Godspeed on a fruitful, continuous path onward into the future.

My +1 again for a discount for ye faithful Minimal fans and plugin owners :heart:!