Polyphonic midi option to control the notes of the chord constraint?

Can’t believe I’m still so in love with this plugin that I’m still finding new ways to use it? And for some reason I thought it already did what I’m asking for.

So to be clear :crossed_fingers:, If I could use midi to toggle or latch “live” the possibilities of notes in “tuned - midi mode” it would be something crazy! Even closer to a vocoder in use. With an lfo / shape on frequency of delay or filter you can have real fun in midi mode and as an instrument, changing the “chord” you’re constrained to would be amazing. I have automated the actual frequency to do something similar to this but it’s a lot of effort compared to live polyphonic control of the notes themselves!

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 01.21.22

To add a little more crazy :upside_down_face: :kissing_closed_eyes: imagine 3 delay lines running over each other , all controlled by the midi , or normal modulation obviously … Interesting no??? Chords of distorted madness. (might be an idea so spread over more octaves than the “auto-tune” style 1 octave tho :wink:). Hope that’s not too crazy for ya’ll.

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Another related idea so won’t start a new topic. Is it possible to be able to use velocity as a modulator in instrument / midi mode? so midi notes could also control distortion amount or something :exploding_head: :partying_face: :crossed_fingers: :pray:

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Heafty request!

I’ll be honest we’re working on some new products so many feature overhauls to Rift will be paused for a while – however feel free to keep posting requests! We do save them internally and then take votes internally on what we should tackle.



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Ok I wasn’t sure how different it would be from your end. So to be honest it’s not a biggie, just sharing some of my ideas really. I had amazing results with a two handed (but quite minimal) piano track, when I sent it to three subtly different Rifts loaded as instruments. At first I just split the midi from the original piano into three, but when you start editing them into new inversions things get really interesting! I tried all sorts over it (even a string section lol) but it was best with just the three Rifts.

Especially as an instrument, it’s still letting me do things I’d never dreamed of. Pitch tracked or “Tuned” filter resonance was a lovely discovery back in the day but I would never have imagined something like this, so again, THANK YOU ALL at Minimal!!!..

peace, love and audio