Random Presets & Key Lock

Some nice requests that we received through our support. I think we’ll be adding these!

(1) Can you please consider adding a feature that lets me choose a random preset from the whole list of 400+? I like the randomize features you have, and this would make it easier to explore further.

(2) Can you add a way to scroll up/down presets with arrow keys? Looks like right now, they just scroll the display, but the more practical user convention is to function as a stepper selector.

(3) Add a way to lock certain key features when switching between presets? For example, the KEY feature for Feedback and Filter… you have presets in different scales, but it’d be nice to keep the same chord when scrolling between those. Like I want to stay locked on D Minor/F Major instead of having to keep re-tuning.

Thanks for logging these @ben.minimal :smiley:

I hope others who find value in these will chime in!

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I AM SO DELIGHTED THIS IS A THING NOW IN 1.0.2, the RANDOM PRESET selector. Beautifully implemented. I keep clicking and clicking until I find something close that I can tweak, and it makes it super-easy to discover any of the 400+ presets. The sheer utility of will be expanded if we get more preset expansion packs too.

If anyone’s reading this and hasn’t yet bought Rift, just know this makes it WAY MORE FUN to be surprised by the quality in quantity of included presets.

ALSO hurray for the other new additions, and the “Pitch Snap Lock While Changing Presets” as followup to my (3) above too!

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