Randomizing - too much clicking

Hey MA team! Thanks for rift, is pretty sick…

Only problem I find right now is with randomizing… usually when you want too look for something random you keep clicking the random button non stop until something shows up, in this case I have to click the randomize bottom, then I have to select the kind randomization I want then it randomizes… every time… it sucks when you are trying to move quickly… if you could add the randomize button to be next to a drop down menu for the types of randomization, I could go select the randomization in the dropdown menu, then stays in that type (until I select a dif type) so when I go click the randomize button it actual just keeps randomizing… Thanks and all the best!

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Hey @javifox

Thanks for the feedback!

I think how we’d do the is make it so that right clicking on the randomize button brings up a popup where you select the randomization type. Then clicking the button randomizes accordingly.

Does that sound reasonable?


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Maybe something like this? Design wise I have no idea, but just one place to select the type of randomization that it could stay so that when clicking the actual randomize button it just keeps randomizing without the need to select the type anymore… if that makes any sense :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Similar to the Stereo or the stages selector in the distortion window… here is my horrible design but I think you would know what I’m trying to say … so sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Thank you!!


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