Remember window size


really enjoying the plugin!

not sure if this is a feature request or a bug!!!

the window size of the plugin isn’t remembered … each time it’s opened up it resets to the default size.

it would be great if it remembered it’s size over different sessions

thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey @n4m !

Thanks for posting : )

Is this after loading a saved project or simply opening and closing the UI without closing/opening the DAW’s project?

If it’s without closing the DAWs project, then it should remember the window size. Please let me know what DAW and OS you’re having the issue with!

Also, it would be nice if the UI size was remembered after loading a saved project… we’ll look into that.



thanks for the reply.

it’s just when opening a saved project so i guess it’s a feature request!

neil :slight_smile:

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Absolutely — added it to our list :slight_smile:


Hi @ben.minimal and @jake.minimal , I’m a newbie who had enjoyed especially your Filter Lite and couldn’t stand not trying (and keeping) the full Rift.
Now, while I enjoy it and started to RTFM to actually understand a few parameters better now, I’m quite a bit unhappy that the size of the window of Rift, and especially the tiny Rift Filter Lite and Feedback, aren’t retained, and cannot have a default.
Rift is comparably big, so it’s kind of working on a 4K screen without lurking into my screen, but pretty please, give us a resize that maintains the size, and also have us set a default size, so we don’t have to fiddle with the size of each instance every time we’re loading a project or a new instance of Rift. I had silently hoped, with your Rift 2 release, this would be already implemented after nine months since this thread :slight_smile: .


Rift should be retaining the window size now – however it doesn’t have a global setting to when new instances of the plugin are opened they open to you preferred size.

Are you saying that when you open / close the window it’s returning to the default size?

Hi Jake,
thanks for getting back so quickly (I was just fiddling with Rift :smiley: ).
When I open an Ableton Live set, Rift’s interface size is being reset (same goes for its smaller siblings), no matter what size I had set it. For the time the set is open, it remains at that size, regardless of how many times I open and close the GUI. Only a re-loading of a set (or Live, for that matter) brings back the default mini size instead of the one I had resized the instance to.
Does that help?

Okay, just a small update. Ableton Live is somewhat picky with VST3 plugins and resizing. While my report is still correct, I just tried to replicate the problem in Bitwig. When I re-open a project in Bitwig, the plugin window keeps the scaling, but only show it at the size of its default size, i.e. if I really scaled it up, it only shows a small window which cuts off most of the controls. Closing and re-opening the GUI shows it again in full size.
This is behaviour I know from other plugins in Live as well. Some get the right size on closing and re-opening the GUI, some have the right size from the start, and some just behave like Rift in Live - they open up in their default 100% size. I do hope this helps.

Hey @ratzekind – thanks so much for the extra detail it really helps, we’re taking a look at this today!

We hadn’t had much request for a default size to be saved, but it sounds reasonable, the only issue we don’t know where we’d put it in the UI at the moment! lol

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Just as a side note – it sounds like you’re on windows if you’re using the VST3 version?

Hi Jake,
wow, thanks for taking care of this. I had no idea the problem wasn’t as clear from the OP’s initial message.

As for the ‘set initial size’, devs usually put it somewhere in a menu (where you can also set a fixed % size), often even into the preset menu. Not the best UX though. I’d think, for symmetry reasons, putting a button for fixed resize and a ‘set as default size’ options to the left of the preset menu could work well without trashing your interface.

Yes, I am on Windows. Happening with Live 11 Suite, also the Beta. Haven’t tried the VST2 version, as I prefer using VST3 and only bothered to install this.

Thanks we’ll knock it out — just to be clear as the original post above, the size should recalled across sessions and works over in Mac audio unit — so we’ll just take another look at win vst3.

What doesn’t work is persisting the size as a global setting! We’d need to make some tweaks to get that in there

Be advised, VST3 plugins often work differently concerning resizing in other DAWs than Live, so Live might just have some specific problems, or bring them to light. In this case, Bitwig though has the problem mentioned above. I don’t know what Live does differently, but it certainly seems to be a special case.

Thanks for taking care of this!

hey @ratzekind – just want to say thanks for bringing this vst3 issue to our attention, it’ll be fixed in the next release.

We found that if you open the UI, then close, then re-open, it’ll use your previous saved UI size info. The issue has to do with how VST3 plugins in particular are constructed, you can expect the patch which resolves the issue to be ready this week!



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Hi @jake.minimal , thanks for taking care of it so quickly. Turns out, I use Rift so often, this will come really handy. I am not at my music computer right now, but did the resize on open-close-open work for you in Live as well? I had this in Bitwig, but I believe VST3 in Live just stupidly stayed at 100% :slight_smile: .
Really appreciate your responsiveness–will that eventually be translated to the little brothers and sisters as well?

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Hey @ratzekind,

After loading a saved project, opening, closing, and opening the plugin again should recall the correct size in Ableton Live. At least it was for me on Live 11 Mac earlier today.

We’ll be updating Rift along with its Lite versions soon. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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Hi @ben.minimal I may well be off my rocker here, but I think Live 11 on Windows didn’t restore the window size as you described (I know that behaviour from other plugins though), but anyway: Happy you’re updating it (and happy there is a way)!

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@ratzekind we just posted installers that fix this issue on Mac and Windows for me. Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

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@ben.minimal Wow, that was really, really quick! What can I say, it is working as advertised. Windows and Live 11. Smooth like a cat on bird watch. Thank you so much!
I hope it’s easy for you to transfer this to the Lite plugins as well, those were the really tiny interfaces that need the fix so badly :blush:! But no rush meant, I’m happy you’re so responsive and forthcoming.

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