Rift 2.0.1 - Bug Fixes and Optimization

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a Rift update that fixes some issues that came up since the 2.0 release.

We’d super appreciate it if you could install 2.0.1 and let us know how it works for you and what OS/DAW you tested on.


  • Complete overhaul of graphics rendering to better work on all OSs but particularly M1 Macs.
  • Improved modulator timeline syncing in some less common situations.
  • Fixed some crashes that were reported in Logic and Ableton.
  • Fixed an issue with VST3 not recalling UI size.
  • Some more optimizations

If you notice anything off about the graphics or timeline sync, please let us know!

Download Rift 2.0.1

Thanks :pray:


Hi @jake.minimal and @ben.minimal , I am not sure where this comes from, but I have the weirdest of issues with this new Rift version.

I was just working on a track and put Rift onto a drum buss track. So far so good. Sometimes when I played back the project in Live, there occurred some kind of unpleasant distortion, sounding like some bit-crushing, out of the blue. If I stopped and re-started playback, the effect was gone and stayed away. I kind of thought it was due to some buffer underrun, so I ignored it more or less, as it went away again.
But, when I now export the whole track off Ableton Live (11.1.1 or current 11.5b2 Beta), it produces these distortion burps in the mixdown, at the same places all the time. It’s not on the whole track, just in certain places. Disabling Rift, or replacing it with the older 2.0.0r4 version I still had lying around, actually solves this.

I’m on Windows 11, latest updates, Live as described above, using the VST3 version of Rift 2.0.1. I can send you the two exports if needed, or the preset I created, though I assume the problem is probably hard to recreate reliably. Let me know if you need anything!

Edit: Probably not extremely relevant, but my CPU and/or RAM haven’t even nearly been maxed out, as I have a beast of a machine. Changing buffer size for my audio interface didn’t help therefore.

Hey @ratzekind – thanks so much for letting us know about this issue. Is it reproducible if you duplicate you ableton session and remove all the channels but Rift? If you can send us the project file where it’s occurring, that is super helpful for us to recreate the issue.

Preset is good too! ----

Hi @jake.minimal, okay, so I went with what you proposed, stripped everything off my set, even bounced the audio of my drum machine and left everything else outside. So no other effects, just Rift on a grouped track. You’ll find the download here, including a vst3preset for Rift (I used one of the presets and tweaked it afterwards). Also included is a bounce of the set as you find it here. Starting at about 14 seconds, you’ll hear the bit-crushing effect I was talking about, in case you cannot get that when you export my set.

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Thanks so much we’re reviewing this now.

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Awesome – just want to share publicly here that we’ve found and resolved this issue, and will be posting another set of installers and doing another round of testing before we make this fully public on the website and update users

Thanks @ratzekind!

We’re pretty sure we’ve fixed the issue. Can you please update Rift using this installer and let us know if it’s fixed?


Really appreciate you sharing your files. It made tracking it down easy.

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@ben.minimal @jake.minimal I can confirm the problem is gone with the latest installer. Yeeha! Jake explained the problem with Ableton Live in a private message in detail, so I have a notion of the trouble you went through. And I’m glad you found it. Keep on keeping on :blush:!


@ben.minimal I don’t know if reviving old threads are discouraged but didn’t know where to post this: Last night I downloaded 2.0.2r2 and was wondering if there was any changelog somewhere. It’s not something that I find to be top priority, I’m glad you guys are still working on it at all, but was just curious about what was new in the .0.2 new update. I searched the site such as FAQ qnd then checked here and saw this thread.
p.s.: Bought it last winter and I still love it as much as Day 1, I can’t believe you guys haven’t blown up more yet.

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Hey @neuroxik — we did some graphics and filter optimizations (nothing super major but nice!), fixed a bug with the filter response not recalling correctly, and fixed an issue with our licensing system for computers with multiple users.

We’re talking about adding a changelog next to the download links since there isn’t anywhere to see this yet.


Wow, thanks for taking the time to reply! Glad you’ll add the changelog somewhere in the future, although it’s not a major complaint of mine, I’m just happy Rift exists at all :slight_smile:

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IT would be fantastic to have inputs to pots like in Live. such as clicking on the dial and then input -32 for example.

Hey @timothytickle — you should be able to click on the text label for any parameter and enter text. Let me know if there’s an issue with that.