Rift not authorizing

I bought and installed Rift today. Opened it up in Ableton Live 11.1 and went to log in to authorize and it told me “invalid password.” I’ve updated my password via the minimal.audio website multiple times to no avail. Am I missing something? I thought maybe it could be firewall settings but I can’t find anything under minimal audio or rift. Does Live need to be authorized for the firewall? Hoping it’s just a server issue due to high registration because of the sale. At a loss :confused:

Hey @Z0RP

Sorry to hear about this. If you haven’t gotten in touch with our support yet please do — they should be able to sort this right away. You can email us at hello@minimal.audio or submit through our support page.

The “invalid password” message means that Rift got in touch with our server, the email was found, but the password doesn’t match.


they reached out very quickly and solved it for me! you guys are awesome, thanks a mil <3

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