Rift resizing problem with Cubase 11

hi there.
so anytime I make Rift bigger in Cubase 11 all other dynamic information within Cubase’s native UI or in other VSTs (like meters, eq spectrums, etc.) get hit with very bad refresh rate or freezes until I close Rift’s UI. due to some reason it doesn’t cooperate well with other UIs when resized. I also noticed that when I make it smaller (or around it’s usual default size) problem seems to go away.
I use modern pc with Windows 11, latest Cubase 11 and HiDPI display.
let me know if I can support you in fixing this problem in any way.


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Hey @tight-disquise – thanks for notify us to this. We’ve become aware of UI performance issues on some platforms & DAWs – we actually have a beta version in testing currently which has resolved this for our testers, we’ll be launching this update in the coming months which will include this improvement as well as dark and multi-band modes.

Please hang in there and know we’re working on it!