(RIFT) Sidechain Imput for the Follow Envelope

Hi developers!

Are you planning to add an external sidechain input to the Follow envelope?

At the moment I can do something similar in reaper by automating a macro linked to the parameters and commanded by the auto control signal (sidechain), but as a sound designer, my desire would be to have this type of function directly within the plugin and exploiting the characteristics of the follow envelope, for example, to use feedback modulated by the volume of another track or, for example, to modulate a noise distortion by synchronizing it to the tail of another sound or a reverb bus.

I think it would be an added value and something truly unique, so I hope you want to consider adding this feature.
Thank you,



We actually hadn’t thought of this, but it’s a very cool idea. I’ve added it to the list and we’ll look into adding it.



You took the words out of my brain! had it for less than 24 hours but side-chain input to the modulator is literally the thing I couldn’t put my finger on. In logic pro user routing was not supported at all beyond the clunky “environment”. But Apple killed that by not developing it, (basically unchanged since os9 and emagic logic version 4.7 I believe). Especially for us idiots locked into “bad DAW’s” please get that “sidechain input to envelope follower” up the list of priorities ASAP! With more than 1 stereo input Logic (not so) Pro fails , but with anything like reaper, separate audio and even midi routing to modulation sources would be possibly more amazing! Midi to feedback and filter pitch is game changing, so can the midi note input be used as a latched mod source too? Maybe for gate/trigger effects or distortion amount etc like a performance tool… A bit like Key position a as controller in a synth, but the simpler on / off gate implementation could be more useful all round I guess. Just a thought…

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