Rift suddenly glitching out my PC and graphics

Hey. I have presonus studio one v5 with a pretty decent PC build. 32gb ram, i7 twelve core. Nvidia 1060 etc.

Up until about a week ago, I could run 30 tracks open. A few samples but mostly synths with vsts and at least five of those would have rift open and running with zero latency issues. (I don’t know what happened, maybe an update of rift.) But now If I have one instance of rift open even with a basic filter, my whole sound pops and glitches and stutters as well as my video. If I go check the CPU usage in options, rift is now maxing out my PC. Everything else is fine. I can have 50 tracks running with no problem as long as rift isn’t on it. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix?

I’m have rift as a rent to own from splice if that helps. But id really to be able to go back to using this and be able to finish tunes im in the middle of finishing that use rift as an essential part of the sound design.

Hey! Can you share what RTO version you’re using?

. the newest one. And it’s through splice rent to own so I can’t just update it with a link. I did do a reinstall via the splice app and it didn’t fix the problem.

hey @rahbvein – did you ever get help from support on this? We weren’t able to see anything which could cause this to start occurring randomly. – It’s strange it would have just started happening out of the blue!