Sample Drop 27?

Hi. Just looking at my downloads and noticed that I haven’t had an email since Sample Drop 26 and so I’m wondering if there is a Sample Drop 27 yet?


Sorry about that! We’re working on our next wave of sample drops to extend the first wave but currently a bit backed up – there will be a bit of a pause for long time subscribers until we can get some new content into the flow there!

That said I’m not sure if 26 is the current end @nate.minimal do you know?

Yep – Drop #26 is currently the last drop. But we’ll update these as soon as possible to get more out the door!

Did sample drop 27 ever land? I just want to make sure I didn’t fall off the mailing list somehow.

The Oct 11 post is as much as I know. Sorry I can’t be more help

Hey all, apologies for the wait here. We’ve decided that the sample drops will be ending after drop 26 - so one year total of free samples. With that said, we’ll be dropping freebies for email subscribers throughout the year, so keep an eye out!

If we decide to continue adding more drops in 2023, I’ll post here and let you all know : )

Thanks for your support!