Sweet lord of Thunder! TUNED guitar feedback loops anyone?

So a friend just lent me a guitar he built from scratch (unbelievable sho shugi ban finished, swamp ash body) and I’ve been bitten by the bug again. Haven’t played much since I was 12-13 but obviously this thing was inspiring to play! Anyway I only just tried rift as a “pre” amp effect and let me just say YES! And thank you yet again Minimal! It was so good I almost didn’t want to share it yet but I couldn’t help it. The added depth from just the follower associated to the distortions was amazing, but with a feedback loop tuned to the root note it was something I just haven’t heard before… Admittedly I don’t go out of my way to listen to as much “new” music as I would like to but I really hope someone more accomplished than myself can really take advantage of this little gem if I’m not just late to yet another party no one told me about lmao. Mind blown! I’ll be experimenting with live chains to record / play thru next. It was all literally a discovery moments ago, I just had to share it with some people who might take it even further. If only I had more sets of arms I could midi tune the feedback while I played the guitar… Stupid meat suit!

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We really want to somehow get Rift in the hands of more guitarists!

Beyond boring old marketing, I think accessibility is generally the key for any musician using plugins like this, particularly in a live recording chain. I’m not usually a fan of “over” simplified interfaces but I think rift would work well in basic “4 knob” mode.

Maybe a preset pack tailored specifically for guitar could help get peoples attention?? Mentioning that it’s for everything from live monitoring (or performance) chains to crazy stuttered post effects could help them think a little out of the box too. Just a thought but I’d love to try and contribute if you think it’s worth a shot. Only been playing again 3 weeks or so and I’m already waiting for my new (2nd hand) 7 string lmao… :roll_eyes: I’ll be saving anything useful I make in rift for sure tho. For recording you need super quick access to “goto” settings so I guess I need to think about the macros, as that’s probably the last aspect of rift I haven’t gone crazy with, YET.

Ooooo, I know it’s out there but, it’s kind of solving my next little mystery… If you had pitch detection in rift??? Wow… For guitar it would almost be worth sticking it in a raspberry pi and it’s basically tuned feedback, distortion, delay, and modulation beyond your wildest dreams lol. That would be a pedal worth looking at huh?

Anyway hope something in there helps :metal: :nerd_face:

:edit: maybe there’s a way to break out another little fragment of rift (like filter light), but specifically for “1 knob” guitarists and musicians. A little more distortion never hurt, but something like the envelope follower and a choice of a few waveshapes might be interesting to play with?