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About The Community

We’re all musicians and friends here. Lets honor that by following these rules:

  1. Be respectful to all people on this forum.

  2. Only post content, presets, and sounds that you have the legal right to share.

What This Forum Is For

Naturally, this forum is mostly a place for people to communicate about Minimal Audio. We want to provide a space where you can connect with our team and other users to make the most of our products.

With that said, all music and music technology-related conversions are welcome. Please feel free to post any questions related to music, whether or not it is relevant to Minimal Audio. We will do our best to create an open environment for new and experienced musicians to connect and learn.

We’ve set up some basic topic categories to keep things organized. If you are not sure what category to place your post in, feel free to leave it uncategorized, and a moderator may move it to an appropriate topic.