Will be Portable installer?

Good afternoon, I have already purchased RIFT and am very pleased with your work, but I would like to see the installer in zip format in the future.

Also, taking this opportunity, I want to say that in the future I expect from the Rift a multi-band mode and the ability to control the dynamics of the signal, something like a compressor with one knob so that the tail cannot be heard or, on the contrary, amplify the tail

Hey @xend

Thanks for posting. I’m curious, what would make having the installer in .zip format more convenient? Are you experiencing any issue with downloading the installer from your account? We could create .zip but we didn’t see a reason for it since it’s only a single, relatively small file.

We decided to focus on high quality algorithms and unique processing rather than multi band for Rift but we’re looking into adding it!

Glad you’re enjoying Rift!

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Thank you very much for the answer, I am really appreciative of you! And i really liked Rift! The installer is in zip format, I mean, a ready-made dll file that can be put in the plugins folder. I am interested in this, because on some computers I do not have administrative rights and I would like to have a ready-made dll to use it.

Great news about the multiband mode, I believe that you will be number 1 among the competitors with a multiband.

I already recommend your Rift to all my colleagues. :smiley:

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