Ability to Assign numbered MIDI controllers

Hey there!

I’m a new Current owner, and I love this synth!

One thing that it (seems) to be missing is the ability to assign external MIDI controllers by number.

Example: I have a multi-touch surface that I’d like to assign to whatever parameters. (For example assigning an X/Y controller to Position and Warp in the wavetable module.) That’s usually done by assigning a MIDI controller by number, say #114 and #112.

Most synths give you the ability to assign a controller by number to whatever parameter you want. Current doesn’t have this. (Or if it does I can’t find it, and please feel free to enlighten me!)

I think this is a really important feature for a modern synth to have. Please consider adding it in a future update! Thanks!

Hey @Wheever ! built in midi assignment is definitely on our roadmap, for now it should still be possible to midi map through your DAW. In Ableton for example it offers this ability very easily – but it will be coming thank you!