Ableton Live -> Saving Clips with Rift causes crash

Attempting to save any clip that contains an instance of Rift in the fx chain,
by dragging it into the sidebar, immediately causes Live to crash.
The funny thing is that the clips are saved successfully after you reopen Live.

Tested in Ableton 11, and 10, on a Mac mini M1
Also tested with Rift Feedback Lite, which has the same problem.


Is there Midi routed to rift on the clip you’re trying to save? We’ve noticed this crash is ableton however it seems to happen with any plugin with accepts midi and has midi routed. Could you try to reproduce this with another plugin aside from Rift or RFL – perhaps one which accepts Midi by another manufacturer?

Also if you’re able to retrieve a crash report at all that’s super helpful!



I don’t think I have any other FX plugins that accept routed midi. Unless the same thing happens with instrument plugins?

Where should i send the crash report?

You can post it here if that works or send it to – we’ve got some new testing computer coming in the mail – there’s a couple patches we’ll be putting out in a couple weeks!


The forum won’t accept zip files, so email it is :slight_smile:

@HERON I’ve had non-Rift issues kinda like what you reported. I was in an earlier version of the Live 11 Beta and Omnisphere with multitimbral MIDI routing — meaning Ext. Instrument in Live — would crash upon saving a clip with the VST3 specifically. Spectrasonics ended up doing a fix on their end.

I just tested with both newest Rift and Sugar Bytes Looperator — dragging a MIDI-routed track to save it, then loading it back in. I haven’t been able to repro the crash yet in Live Beta 11.1.5b1.

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Just want to share @HERON – we were able to recreate the crash here and are working on a resolution today.

Thank you for reporting! We’ll report back here when the patch is out.



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@HERON we just posted installers that should fix this issue. Please let me know if it works for you!

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

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