Add Description To Presets when saving

As someone who creates and distributes both paid & free presets, I always save my presets with a description giving details on what certain macros do or what the Mod Wheel is modulating. Or even just tips on how to best use the presets. So it would be nice to be able to add a description to my presets when saving in Current. I do however love the tagging system you guys created, thats awesome. Also itd also be cool to have a place to write who the author of the preset is, im sure thatd come in handy if yall ever decided to do Artist packs as well. Though the author thing isnt as much of a necessity as descriptions imo.


We have some of that functionality but it’s more on the pack level:

^ any chance you’d want to let me know your thoughts on this?

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Elegant, intuitive, and simple. Very well thought out!