All Access Credits


I’d like some clarification on the credits received from the all access pass. It states that I cannot use them on sales or bundle discounts which means I can only use it on full price items, however as a yearly member, products are 33% off. I already licensed all of the other plugins and have bundle discounts available which I cannot use credits on. The question is, can I use my credits towards the 33% off price?

Current = 199
Yearly AAP credit = 120+60 = 180
Current YAAP price = 134

Can I use the 180 credit towards 134?

Thanks, sorry if this question was already answered.


Hey Mike,

Sorry for the confusion, we’re still working to simplify things. The issue was that when we originally launched we had users in your position who had signed up for the yearly, and we didn’t want them to be stuck in a situation where they then had to pay full price after already having been bundle owners.

In the situation you outlined above, you cannot use the credits to get the bundle, because you have already received the 33% discount on the bundle through the bonus credits – does that make sense?

Hello Jake,

So just to clarify. The 33% off listed is not on a per product basis, instead we will pay the full price for each item regardless of any sale but due to the credits received, it equates out to 33% off? I’m not even considering bundles, just one product at a time.



Ahh sorry yes Mike correct, the 33% discount is through that $60 cash back.

You spend $120 → you get $180 of buying power. When you apply that to the perpetual licenses you’re getting 33% off of their list price.

This keeps costs very similar if you’d like to subscribe annually or purchase the bundles – we want to support both types of musicians.

That said though it appears to still be confusing to people so we’re trying to assess of how simplify everything on the website. Let me know if you have any feedback.


I think stating 33 percent off is confusing. If for some reason a pack or plugin was on sale (not bundle) can we use credits towards that? If not, I think just stating the bonus credits and it not being able to combine with any sales/offers would be clearer.