Anyone using Akai MPC Live 2 DAW for Rift or Morph EQ? Plugin doesn't appear

If anyone is using MPC Live 2 DAW with the plugins Rfit or Morph EQ, I’d be grateful for some help on how to get these VST’s loaded into my DAW. I have tried everything I could find online as suggested to get it to load such as going into preferences and selecting the plugins option, then loading the plugins based upon where they are at in my directories. I find them but they do not load and show as available in my list of VSTs to load when I am trying to display the plugin.

Anyone have any insight on this?a I have sent a request to support but being that it’s a holiday weekend, I don’t expect a response for a few days.

Hey @lasthourmedia thanks for the patience over the holiday weekend. We were discussing this over the weekend but we’ll need to secure a copy of this DAW ourselves so we can check what’s going on with it.

I’ll reach out to Akai right now to get a copy.

Alright I’ve contacted Akai, if you haven’t already I would suggest reaching out to them as well. Our VSTs use very standard frameworks and tech – it seems quite strange it wouldn’t be recognized by their platform. Are other VSTs working correctly for you?

Here was there response:

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for reaching out.

I am afraid third party plugins are not supported with this controller or any MPC and they would need to use specific MPC plugins and expansions.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you have a great day.

Does that sound correct?