Bypass buttons for modules and master

Hello there,

In a session with a few other users, Zach from Syence was explaining a few of the features and mentioned that it would be handy if there were bypass buttons next to a few of the modules for a quick A/B reference on the processing being done.

I believe he mentioned that one for each Waveshaping module and one for the entirety of Rift would be nice and I’d have to agree with him. Are there any plans on including such features in the future?

Thanks in advanced and well done on the release. Rift is finding itself in just about every project I start these days and I look forward to everything it has to offer. Keep up the great work!

The Definition

Hey @thisisthedefinition

Thanks for posting!

We’re looking into adding bypass for the entire distortion section and for the entire plugin. It would be trickier to bypass each side of the wave shaping because of what’s going on under the hood there. Do you think this would meet your needs?

Let me know if there’s anything else!