I love the sounds. Many years ago I worked in a John Cage - live performance. He would have many sounds going on at the same time such as frying bacon, eating a carrot and an opera singer. ( each on a mic ) This sound pack is great. These are closest sounds I’ve heard, to remind me of environment he might create… I do sound-art and music occasionally and these will add beautiful textures. Thank you very much! I love the product design too.

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Hey @wayfrmaine !

Thanks so much for the kind words. Convolve was one of our favorite packs to design. There’s nothing else quite like it, at least that I’ve heard :slight_smile:


I think all of your effect packs are really good actually, and I’m trying to decide which I want most, 'cos getting them all would be pricey! :smile:

Having said that: I wish stems (breakout elements) of the mixed effects were provided. That would make them 100x more useable…

I agree that all packs are really good. My favorite is Convolve. As artists we all look for good deals when trying to create. I look at it this way: there are 4 people involved, 5 with Emma. Most sound effects are created completely at a desktop. Here they actually go out into the field as well. When you consider fuel for the car, mics and gear 4 people and Emma, personally I feel I got a great deal at that price. I intend to buy more as I can afford them and I can honestly say they’re very worth it. As far as out-time goes in my pack most are 20 to 25 seconds in length each ( total ). I hope you’re able to get some packs and get your creativity fired up.


I agree too, that I’ve heard none similar to yours. I dropped one into a song as an experiment and was surprised how well it popped out. These are mixed very well.
I’m working on an album and there’s one song I think a water sound will fit in it perfectly. :+1:

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